Microphone Modifications

A great way of upgrading a stock microphone and getting a high end sound without the high price tag.

There are many ways to upgrade you mic but its best to do your research and decide whether you have the skills to do the work yourself or send it to a third party for upgrading.

Our most popular mic for upgrading is the Alctron HST-11A also known as the Apex460, Nady tcm-1150, carving CM100, TM01, SYT1100 and many more rebranded microphones. If you are interested in more information please send us a message via our contact form and we will send a useful PDF.

Other popular links for microphone modicication are listed below.

APEX 460 Transformer Mod

APEX 460 Capsule Mod

APEX 210 Transformer Mod


Modding the APEX 460

There is also some information available for those whom build mics from scratch using the SYT-5 microphone shell for a u87 style build. We also have U47 and c12 style shells available for a real classic finish.

Vintage U87 Circuit Clone Microphone Build http://studio939.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/vintage-u87-circuit-clone-microphone.html

D-47 TubeMicrophone

AMI U47 Kit Construction Guide

C12/251 Tube Mic Build for Client

Remember do your research and seek advice from a professional builder. We do not recommend doing any electrical works if you are not qualified to do so.