About Us

We are a small family run mail order business that aims to provide quality niche products.

Our main products are studio microphones and acoustic guitar pre-amps. We are always making ourselves aware of new products in this line of equipment and will always aim to source new products that there may be a demand for.

We supply goods worldwide depending on the weight of the item and all our products are available to Europe and the USA. We can quote for worldwide delivery on all our items so please email for a quote.

Our products include the excellent Alctron HST 11A tube condenser microphone which is also known as the Apex 460 and Nady 1150. These are well regarded microphones with a superior sound. These microphones are often modified with Cinemag transformers and Peluso capsules.We have set up a forum for people to discuss their modifications and successes they may have had with these mods. We also supply the HRM 8B ribbon microphones which is also known as the Apex 205.These can also be modified and we hope to be able supply parts for these changes.

We also stock a range of handy studio accessories such as reflexion filters,broadcast stands,pop shields and shock mounts-all excellent quality at a cheap price.
Our ARTEC range includes a range of acoustic pre-amps and pick ups such as the HT-TBL-the only tri-blend pre-amp on the market. We can also supply piezo’s to suit classical and bass guitars, as well as mandolins.

We also stock an excellent range of ARTEC effects pedals which are excellent for recording and live work. Please check out our ARTEC workshop for some great sounds samples.
We hope you have enjoyed your visit to our site. We always appreciate feedback and try to help our customers with their requirements.Please register with us and add us to your favourites.

Thanks for visiting and check back soon!